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Why should I use dbFLEX?
dbFLEX gives you the following key benefits:

1. Focus on innovations instead of the infrastructure. You no longer need to worry about application servers, databases, hardware, hosting, maintenance, upgrades, security, compliance or scalability.

2. Build on-demand applications and market them in days or weeks, not months or years.

3. "Pay-as-you-grow" instead of "pay-before-you-go" model. You no longer have to incur huge up-front costs to acquire development tools, software and hardware before you even have a customer. With dbFLEX, you pay only after you have actually signed up your customers.

4. As dbFLEX partner, you can implement any business functionality and build applications for different industry verticals. Consequently, you can sell your application to any customer or industry vertical you intend to target.
Date Created
11/2/2006 6:05:12 AM
Date Updated
11/3/2006 10:53:53 AM
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